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I love them;

I love words.

I can read a well-turned phrase,

over and over,

delighting in its structure

and the sound on my tongue.

None though are as beautiful as:

"trimble" (chimney)

"roaster coller" (roller coaster)

"chimp" (pinch)


"me going to bless you" (I'm going to sneeze),

coming off the tongue of my three year old.

P.S. I scribbled this on a note pad four years ago. I hope it reminded you of some of the sweet phrases your own children have, and to write them down! There are many I have forgotten. My current favorites are that Scarlett calls it "hide and sneak" and Charlie pronounces chocolate as "chocklick," don't you dare tell him otherwise! I am sure he will discover it someday.

Thank you for reading!

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