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One Month Postpartum

(I have been unable to commit any time to writing in these last few weeks. Here is an unedited small snippet I wrote down in the thick of it after baby last year!)

There are a lot of fluids involved in motherhood, a lot. Milk leaking through your shirt, the spit up that follows a feeding, the poop dripping down baby’s leg and onto your own. Baby’s tears and your own. Pee. Blood, from birth and cracked nipples and on pads if you start exercising too soon. But you need to start exercising, because it makes everything else going on and all the sitting more okay. Lots of sitting, or lying, or walking around but mostly sitting to nurse. Sweat, when trying to sleep, because baby is sometimes sleeping in her crib and you don’t want the fan blowing on her and making her cold but you usually sleep with the fan on full blast. Blood, sweat, tears, pee, poop, milk, spit up. As I said, there are a lot of fluids involved in motherhood.

P.S. Please read my other, more real posts! I would love to hear your thoughts in response to any and all of them. Thank you!

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